Monday, 2 June 2014

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

Every now and again, I’m just living life and the thought catches up with me that my life here is drastically different from my old life in the states. Honestly, most of the time I don’t even think twice about these kinds of things now. But, when really reflect, it is kind of remarkable how different my two worlds are! So, for all of my friends who are stateside, here are a few snapshots from my week that remind me I’m not in Kansas anymore!
  • I rode in an auto rickshaw with 10 other people across town and back, and no one even chuckled or made a reference to sardines… not once.
  • My mirror on my scooter broke when a rouge cow decided to take it out.
  • I went down to the veggie market and bought 6 kgs (roughly 14 lbs) of vegetables for under $3 USD.
  • There was a low of 83 degrees Fahrenheit one night and I got cold. That’s the power of life without an air conditioner!
  •  Random strangers want to hold my daughter and take photos with her, and I let them and don’t even think it is weird.
  • Okay, don’t freak out, but we ride our scooter with our baby. Not only is it legal, a scooter is considered a great vehicle for a family of 4. So, we’ve got room for more!
  • A man brought his demon possessed wife to our Sunday fellowship for healing and no one even blinked.
  •  Everyone is going crazy for lychees because they are only in season for a few weeks.
  • I passed two camels, a monkey, donkeys, one elephant, and a white horse on my way home from the park.

Ah, life as I know it! I’m certainly not bored J

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